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Elevate your Leadership at Live2Lead Charlottesville!

The second annual LIVE2LEAD Charlottesville will take place on Friday, October 18, bringing you a FULL DAY leadership development training and professional development event right here in your community. With a brand new format from Maxwell Leadership I couldn't be more excited for what you will experience! 

In addition to this main public event, I can also bring the show to you. Email me at [email protected] or fill out this form, and we’ll set up a time to walk through some options.

Let's talk about a private Live2Lead option!

What is Live2Lead Charlottesville?

Developed by Maxwell Leadership, Live2Lead Charlottesville is your premier leadership conference, headlined by the world’s foremost leadership expert, Dr. John C. Maxwell.  It is designed to equip you with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways. Breathe new life into your leadership through this information-packed conference. My goal is to provide you with the opportunity to learn from world-class leadership experts without leaving town, gain access to the top leaders our area has to offer, and return to your office ready to implement a new action plan and lead with renewed passion and commitment.

Join us for an unparalleled experience featuring:

Dr. John C. Maxwell: A #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker with over 30 million books sold. Recognized by the American Management Association as the #1 leader in business and by Inc. magazine as the world’s most influential leadership expert. His organizations have trained millions of leaders globally.

Michael Jr.: Bringing laughter and encouragement worldwide, Michael Jr. uses comedy and storytelling to inspire audiences to discover and activate their purpose, from elite stages to shelters and prisons.

Jon Gordon: Best-selling author and influential speaker, Jon Gordon's principles have transformed Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, and more, making him a beacon of positive leadership and organizational success.

Chaunté Lowe: A four-time Olympian and globally acclaimed high jumper, Chaunté Lowe conquers barriers and achieves greatness while balancing the role of a mother of three.

Morning session will include rebroadcast from these speakers with interactive discussions, and afternoon will include a TBN Local Keynote.

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Meet Your Host

HI! I'm Andrea Johnson, The Intentional Optimist LLC ™️

I'm a Maxwell Leadership Team Certified DISC Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, and I facilitate improved communication and corporate culture within teams and organizations through training workshops, DISC behavioral analysis services and Executive Coaching. My passion is equipping leaders to define a new culture by learning to think critically, create imaginatively and lead effectively by uncovering their Core Values.

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Live2Lead: a world class leadership development experience.

Learn From World Class Leaders

You will learn from elite thinkers, including the #1 Leadership Expert in the world, John C. Maxwell and gain leadership principles and personal growth techniques from their time-tested teaching.

Make Meaningful Connections

This event is an opportunity for you to network with like-minded leaders who share your passion for leadership and learning. Make new connections or build on the ones you have during this event.

Impact Your Sphere of Influence

Whether you lead a large organization or want to be a better mentor, you will gain meaningful insights so you can return home to implement your new action plan and lead with renewed enthusiasm and commitment.

Professional Development Credits

We are always honored to partner with the Society for Human Resources Management to provide 3.74 PDC's when you attend the event. 

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Unlock Transformative Insights: Experience the wisdom of industry-leading presenters, designed to elevate your corporate culture and drive meaningful progress. These curated presentations blend leadership, emotional intelligence, business ethics, and innovative strategies, setting the stage for unparalleled growth and team cohesion.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Fostering Inclusive Leadership: Value diversity and build a cohesive environment.
  • Ethical and Authentic Decision-Making: Champion genuine motives and actions.
  • Cultivating Emotional Resilience: Harness emotional intelligence and support your team.
  • Adopting a People-First Approach: Prioritize team growth and shared success.
  • Visionary Leadership: Focus on long-term goals and shared values.
  • Refinement and Personal Growth: Overcome negative habits through personal reflection.
  • Cultivating Authentic Company Culture: Value rituals over externally perceived awards.
  • Standing Firm with Clear Beliefs: Discover how business clarity drives success.
  • Employee Growth: Champion aspirations and foster strong stakeholder connections.
  • Design Impactful Business Touch-points: Craft lasting positive connections with stakeholders.
  • Cultivating Team Loyalty: Foster commitment and trust through open communication.
  • Leadership with Heart: Amplify team dedication with genuine care.
  • Inner Strength and Growth: Build self-confidence through positive influences.
  • Business as a Force for Good: Blend philanthropy with clear business values.
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Explore Partner & Sponsorship Opportunities

The mission of LIVE2LEAD is to build up leaders in our local community, and the conference has proven an effective tool and resource. I'm teaming up with local partners and sponsors with a passion for leadership excellence, I would love for you and your organization to be a part of this amazing opportunity.

Partner & Sponsor Opportunities

Hillsdale Conference Center

550 Hillsdale Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Next door to the Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS® (CAAR) office, the Hillsdale Conference Center is conveniently located near hotels, shops, and restaurants.