Intentional Optimism applied to real life.    

Let’s Talk about: The Long Game

May 23, 2022

At the end of March, I was super motivated after a full three months of pursuing my new health goals for the year. I shared, liberally, about my physical journey of exercise, healthy eating and gut health practices. 

Then April dawned. 

Within a week, I recognized an old, familiar feeling creeping over me. Permeating my attitude, mindset and even my motivation. 

I call it the...

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Wake Up! You Have Choices!

May 19, 2022

Podcast Episode 86: Wake Up! You Have Choices!

So, you think you don’t have choices?

Let’s chat for a minute.

Seeing, identifying and understanding that you actually DO have options is part of two of the tenets of Intentional Optimism. If anything has been made clear to me through the last two guests on this podcast, it’s that the type, volume and availability of options is...

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Community Over Competition

May 08, 2022

My wardrobe used to be divided into sections based on size - all based on how much weight I lost or gained. 

Can you relate? 

I’ve always wanted to look good in my clothes, but struggled to attain that elusive trifecta of “good fit, reflect my personality, real comfort.”  You see, I’m a “petite pear,” and have long harbored extreme...

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Next Level Business Ideas

May 02, 2022

For YEARS I thought there were just two types of entrepreneurs. 

Product and Service.   

But when Diane Pleuss, a “Franchise Matchmaker,” reached out to me to be a guest on my podcast, I soon figured out I was so wrong! 

I had NO idea the full spectrum of franchise options, and all the amazing opportunities available to those who want to be in business for...

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What IS Empowerment, Anyway?

Apr 25, 2022

As I’ve highlighted the stories of female leaders over the past 20 months, I’ve shared my reflections and takeaways. The process has given me the ability to refine and clarify my own philosophies and positions. That’s not a surprise.  Growth is inevitable when you decide to get curious and are open to change.  

However, what I didn’t understand at first -...

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Get Comfortable On Camera!

Apr 18, 2022

In March, 2020, I was speeding up the onramp of a business launch, about to hit merging speed, with several consulting contracts in negotiation… when… COVID.  Fortunately, I was also in the middle of some online launches as well, including a global facebook group and 1:1 coaching that could be done via Zoom. I hit the PIVOT button, switched gears and poured all my energy into...

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Telling Your Story to Find Your Voice

Apr 11, 2022

I’ve interviewed nearly 40 women for my podcast, listening to their stories, pulling out all the early leadership moments they may have never noticed, and one thing that stands out to me, is that many of us end up circling back to who we were as that young, unvarnished leader long, long ago. 

What that tells me, or what I conclude… is that who we show up as, in our leadership...

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The Heart of Listening

Apr 04, 2022

Podcast Episode 80

I’m always amazed when someone gets up to speak, and begins sharing a story with ease and confidence. Then, to the delight of the audience, they manage to use that story as an illustration for the point of their talk!

What sorcery is this!?!

Well none, actually! This week’s podcast guest, Sophie Wadsworth, helps women uncover their stories, in order to build...

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Why Community Matters

Mar 28, 2022

Episode 79: Why Community Matters

If you know me, even a little, you’ve heard me talk about Core Values. These are those unchanging attributes or characteristics that function a bit like guardrails in our lives, keeping us moving in our preferred direction. I’ve shared many times that my #1 Core Value is “Community.”  And by that, I mean “a feeling of...

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Build Your Dream Network

Mar 19, 2022

Podcast Episode 78 

Have you ever started a journey knowing exactly where you’re headed, but ended up someplace else?  

I know, I generally teach that you need to know where you’re going, but every once in a while you meet someone who’s the exception that proves the rule - or, shall I say, all the other rules?

Kelly Hoey started out as a lawyer and ended up a...

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There are events in life that define our journey. Once they happen, we begin describing everything else as “before X” or “after X”. For me,it was the day my mother died. Suddenly, I became aware of my own limited timeline. The drive to find my voice, purpose and place became urgent. I dove in, head first, and discovered the desire to help myself fueled a greater desire - to help others. Soon, I stopped defining myself in terms  of roles (wife, mother, manager),  but in terms of qualities: curious, determined, happy, adventurous. I've come to understand, that the qualities that make us who we are, are what we must celebrate. We each have a special purpose, unique perspective, and unlimited potential. Better yet, we can both discover and develop them.   

I do this through speaking, training, coaching and writing -  with a focus on helping women grow into the leaders they truly are. Intentional Optimism is my philosophy of life, and includes these five pillars:

          Optimistic - Hopeful, Positive Proactive

          Present - Seeking Wonder, Generous, Kind

          Courageous – Leading Others, Adventurous, Resilient

          Energetic - Industrious, Excitement, Life-focused

          Wise - In Respect, Words and having Understanding

          Intentional - Purposeful, Planning, Growth Mindset

I'm building a global community of women helping women. A place where we foster leadership from every stage or position in life. A place where we celebrate wonder; move forward with hope and openness; share wisdom and encouragement; offer each other a helping hand; ask freely, and share lavishly; and celebrate our differences as avenues of growth and expansion.

Let’s  change our understanding of what it means to work, provide for our families, have financial stability, and be a leader in the community. Life is an adventure - let's live it to the fullest!  

It’s time to laugh at the days to come! - Prov. 31:25

Won’t you join me on the journey?