Intentional Optimism applied to real life.    

Embrace Understanding to Build Unity and Community

Nov 18, 2019

 “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”  ~ Steven Covey

We all want to be understood. 
It’s one of our core desires… to be seen, heard, and understood.
I fear, though, too few of us take the time and effort to see, hear, or understand others.

"...get understanding and wisdom at any cost." ~ King Solomon

This is an active pursuit. You have to be...

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When I grow up, I want to be...

Oct 07, 2019

I have never considered myself “wise.”  

Smart - sometimes - but wise? Not usually.  There’s wisdom that comes from spending a certain number of years on the planet… being a mother… being married 24 years (25, next May!)... experiencing grief and loss… and I can recognize where I’ve grown.  Overall, though, there are plenty of...

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There are events in life that define our journey. Once they happen, we begin describing everything else as “before X” or “after X”. For me,it was the day my mother died. Suddenly, I became aware of my own limited timeline. The drive to find my voice, purpose and place became urgent. I dove in, head first, and discovered the desire to help myself fueled a greater desire - to help others. Soon, I stopped defining myself in terms  of roles (wife, mother, manager),  but in terms of qualities: curious, determined, happy, adventurous. I've come to understand, that the qualities that make us who we are, are what we must celebrate. We each have a special purpose, unique perspective, and unlimited potential. Better yet, we can both discover and develop them.   

I do this through speaking, training, coaching and writing -  with a focus on helping women grow into the leaders they truly are. Intentional Optimism is my philosophy of life, and includes these five pillars:

          Optimistic - Hopeful, Positive Proactive

          Present - Seeking Wonder, Generous, Kind

          Courageous – Leading Others, Adventurous, Resilient

          Energetic - Industrious, Excitement, Life-focused

          Wise - In Respect, Words and having Understanding

          Intentional - Purposeful, Planning, Growth Mindset

I'm building a global community of women helping women. A place where we foster leadership from every stage or position in life. A place where we celebrate wonder; move forward with hope and openness; share wisdom and encouragement; offer each other a helping hand; ask freely, and share lavishly; and celebrate our differences as avenues of growth and expansion.

Let’s  change our understanding of what it means to work, provide for our families, have financial stability, and be a leader in the community. Life is an adventure - let's live it to the fullest!  

It’s time to laugh at the days to come! - Prov. 31:25

Won’t you join me on the journey?