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Digital Course

You’ve heard all the buzzwords before: increase engagement, create team cohesion, be an agent for change, and build a mission and vision. All worthy goals, and there’s an endless supply of leadership books full of “how to” checklists and success principles. But how do you clear the clutter and become the exceptional leader you were meant to be? 

This 4 lesson course walks you through a simple, encouraging exercise, and you'll emerge with the courage to move forward with intention and purpose, clarity in your decisions, comfort in your boundaries, and a foundation upon which personal growth can flourish.

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The Maxwell Method

Understanding who you are, and how you relate to others is the first step to building great relationships. Relationships are what make up your life.

As a John Maxwell Team Certified DISC Consultant, I provide you with the opportunity to do this through a DISC assessment, and optional follow up debrief or coaching calls to help you develop your own personal growth plan.

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