Vision Board Workshop 🍍

Imagine checking off your goals, one by one, & finishing 2022 ready for bigger and better in 2023. What would the new year look like from that perspective?

Did you know:

🍍Writing your goals down increases your chances of achieving them by 20%.
🍍Adding actionable tasks - 40%.
🍍Telling someone about them - 65%.
🍍Meeting with others to review them regularly - 90%
🍍Keeping them in front of you, reminding you WHY you chose them... priceless.

If you're ready to stop feeling stuck, unmotivated, confused or unclear about your future; if you're driven to accomplish all the BIG things THIS year;  this workshop will give you the tool to get you there.

My friend, Reina Rose, made her first Vision Board years ago, and has realized some amazing DREAMS as a result. She walks you through the ins and outs of how you can work on yours at your own pace. 

You can have full access to the replay of the life-changing workshop and my simple worksheet including questions and journal prompts to get you started.🦩

If you’re ready to START feeling EMPOWERED and HOPEFUL about YOUR future, YOUR dreams and YOUR goals, this workshop is for you!