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12 Unsuspected Ways to Tap your Energy and Benefit Others

excitement industrious life-focused Sep 29, 2019

As I “bravely” head into the second century of my life (see previous post on courage), one of the things disappearing the fastest is physical energy. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, however, I seem to have picked up a true second wind.  Perhaps it’s because I’m finally tapping into what I was created to do. Maybe it’s because all my seemingly unrelated experiences, study, failures and relationships have tumbled together, forming the bones of a lovely tapestry. 

 Either way, I’m convinced that energy is more about the effective use of resources and vitality of spirit, than keeping up with kids - or “The Jones’s.” Vitality is that current running through your life, fueling everything you do. It’s embracing who you were created to be, and using your gifts to serve others. When that current is running low, or untapped, everything feels “off.”  

 I won’t lie - for years I went through all the motions. I did what I was supposed to do,never fully engaging,never sharing of myself or my skills and talents.  Sure, I did a good job at work, was sufficiently active in church, but my heart - and my energy - were closed off.  

 Are you in that place? Not sure how to tap into your energy - or even what it is?  I’ve identified 12 ways that help me access mine, and promote it in other people. 

Here’s my list - perhaps it will help you.

12 Unsuspected Ways to Tap your Energy and Benefit Others 

  1. Embrace industry - Productivity is the name of the game here.  Having an industrious bent allows us to provide for ourselves, our families and others, in a way that empowers. 
  2. Create! - What are you creating? What needs doing? Are you thinking outside the box for creative solutions to your challenges? 
  3. Develop your money mindset - Finances are the “energy” behind dreams and actions.  Be a savvy, good steward of yours. If this is new to you, learn and understand basic financial principles. Figure out how you can use your finances to provide for your needs, then the needs of others.  
  4. Grow your skills - Are you working to develop your skill set?  At work, at home, in the community? If not, where do you most need to grow?  Figure out what you need to learn, and take some action.
  5. Share your excitement - You CAN have a zest for life!  You may not be an effervescent extrovert, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get excited about things.  Share what you are excited about with others, and allow them to encourage you. 
  6. Release your joy - Allow your joy to be the champagne in other people’s lives. This isn’t the kind of thing you keep to yourself - it bubbles up - so let it out.  
  7. Be a generator - Never miss an opportunity to be the catalyst - this could be in an area of skill, or relationships, maybe even in reconciliation. Allow your energy to generate energy in others, affecting circumstances. 
  8. Understand your power - You have WAY more than you know. Take the time to reflect, and discover what you have. Then figure out how to leverage it for the good of others. This could be anything from personal fortitude, to what you have inherited within your culture. Either way, share it. 
  9. Celebrate life - Focusing on life pushes us toward things that are regenerative in nature, always producing for the future. Celebrating life attracts others to you, and community blossoms - organically.
  10. Prioritize people - While ideas and philosophies are important, people are life - a purposeful representation of their creator. People are where all those ideas and philosophies originate, then are fleshed out and applied. Cultivate relationships with others and live out your ideals in those relationships.
  11. Get healthy - If you’re not well, you can’t do what you are called to do.  As much as it is within your power, pursue physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Lead by example, and help others in their journey.
  12. Uplift others - I like to joke that I’m a “Professional Encourager.”  However, gifting others with encouraging words and deeds promotes positive change, and sometimes that’s all they need.  Look for ways you can encourage someone each day.

Your “energy” is what makes you - well - YOU. 

Know this: the rest of us would be missing something vitally important, if you were not in our lives.  

How will you share your energy this week?  

Is there something you know the rest of need from you?

Head over to my to my Facebook page and let us know - we can encourage each other! 

Let’s laugh at the days to come!!

~ Andrea

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