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2020's Word for the Year

2020 word for the year Jan 05, 2020


I’ve been told I lack follow through.

When I would share with family that I was applying for a new job, or wanted to get a certification for a new career, I got questions like “what’s wrong with the job you just got?” Or, “what about that Interior Design thing you were working on last year?”

You see, I really like variety. I also really like starting things.

Some of that love of variety is healthy ~ it’s good to try new things, to grow.  It’s an aspect of my personality I’m learning to celebrate. The flip side, though, is that starting new things can cause me to neglect the old ones.

Choosing a theme word each year helps set the tone, guide my choices, and generally keeps me “between the lines.”  2019’s word was COURAGE, and boy, did I need it.  

So many changes were coming my way, and while most were things I chose to do, I still needed courage to step into those decisions. Consistently asking myself if I was living courageously helped me accomplish some big things. 

For instance, I:

  • Launched a website and blog;
  • Earned my coaching and speaking certification;
  • Signed my first coaching client;
  • Established my LLC; 
  • Started my first mastermind group;
  • Learned WordPress, then celebrated when I switched to a non-WordPress platform;
  • Landed my first speaking gig;
  • Joined the SBCV Women's Ministry Leadership Team;
  • Produced my first guest blog post;
  • Became the Sunday School Director at my church;
  • And even lost 25 pounds!

Get this: prior to reflecting on 2019, I felt like I’d not accomplished much. 

Why? Well, back to that interior design thing... you know how upset people get on one of those “fix my house” shows when 50% of their budget is spent on things “behind the drywall,” like replacing all the knob and tube wiring?  Or, when building a new house, a ton of time and money go into the foundation ~ it’s easy to think the walls will never materialize. 

That was my 2019. So much work went into the foundation and things behind the walls, and it's easy to forget how much is there. 

So my word for 2020 is:


I chose TRANSFORM because it is a verb that implies never being finished.  Following through isn’t about completion, it’s about constantly growing ~ with intention. I want to be intentional about growing in wisdom, skills and the energy to lead others to do the same.

In 2020 I want to transform my thinking and actions in the following areas: 

  1. Personal Growth - I have signed up for a monthly coaching program with Brendon Burchard.  Yes, the coach needs a coach!  
  2. Contribution - I will focus on how I can make a difference ~ how am I contributing to the growth and well-being of others in my community, my church?
  3. Spiritual Growth - I want to deepen my devotion and relationship with God, becoming more of the woman He created me to be. 
  4. Recreation and Fun - Did I mention I worked HARD in 2019?  It’s so easy to get caught up in a goal that we forget to do the fun things! So my son got a trampoline for Christmas… it’s a start!
  5. Marriage - May 27, 2020 will be our 25th anniversary!  Of all the relationships on the planet, this one is the most important.  After nearly 25 years, we're still learning how to communicate and support each other. 
  6. Family - My son will turn 12 this year. In some cultures, that’s a big deal.  I want ensure we are creating a strong family and foundation upon which he can stand, and grow into a young adult.
  7. Social Life - I want to get out more, do things with “the girls,” and enjoy getting to know other couples.  
  8. Health - I want 2020 to be my healthiest year, ever. I look forward to establishing new exercise and wellness habits that will give me the energy I need to show up in all these other areas. 
  9. Personal Finances - This has always been a roller coaster issue in my life.  I want to get off that ride, and do a little “adulting.”
  10. Career - 2020 is my year to blossom. 

I invite you to join me inside my Facebook Group, where I will share and teach how an Intentional Optimist approaches these topics, and challenge you to TRANSFORM your life in 2020! 

This will be a big year, setting the tone for the rest of the decade. 

Laughing at the days to come…

~ Andrea

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