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Half Full

#blessing #halffull #hope #optimistic #positive Jan 23, 2023

I'm positive...

Am I the only one who starts many a declaration with this two-word phrase?

It most certainly helps to have a decent dose of optimism, but a personal growth journey requires a good deal more than a surface-level “happy” attitude. I wish I could tell you that it could be that simple, but it just isn't.

But you know that already, don't you?

Life is messy. It's hard, and long, and wears you out. 

Even the good experiences take their toll, don't they?  

Last week I took a trip with my sister, niece, and her baby, visiting extended family. Some I hadn't seen since before the pandemic, and it was amazing. The reconnections have recharged my soul, and just getting out of town was a treasure. 

It was, however, very interesting to watch how each of us - while visiting with family and having a blast - responds to fatigue. The baby just screams - even though he's usually a super happy kid.  I withdraw and get quiet. My aunt just goes to bed at 8:30. 

If I only had a surface understanding of optimism or "happy," it could look like this was a hard trip - after all, we were truly worn out. 🤣 The energy expended just getting to know each other again was huge! But why would I want to look at it that way?

You see, I'm positive this will go down as one of the best trips I've ever taken.

Afterall, I have some mindsets I've cultivated that support my "positive" outlook.

The older I get and the more I grow, the better I understand what it means to look at the glass as "half full." Yes, it's a choice to see it that way, but mostly, it's an understanding that there are always solutions - especially in how I look at things. 

No situation is truly unredeemable - unless I decide it is.  

That means, the solution (to whatever) is in my hands. The choice to see that glass as "half full" is mine. 

What power!

I have come to understand what's actually IN the glass.

The blessings of life, of family, friends, meaningful work... that's what's in the glass. And the level is rising... it's only becoming more and more FULL!

This is what it means be positive. 

The fact that we were all "TOAST" by the end of each day is testament to the amazing amount of energy we put into that short visit. We were excited to see each other, each and every minute of the day. We cherished the moments, stacking them up one by one, knowing it was a short-term situation, and we won't get another any time soon.

As I sat there, the last morning, enjoying the quiet before everyone else got up, looking out over the Brazos River... I realized I'm positive this was, and will be remembered as, a great trip.

My glass is truly half full.

Is your glass half empty, or half full?

I'm positive YOU can find the solution you need!

You got this, my friend.

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