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#2023planning #boundaries #corevalues #criticalthinking #deep #generous Feb 20, 2023

"I'm saturated! I can't take anything else in!" Have you felt this way recently?

Maybe there's a topic that you get "saturated" with really easily? That happens to me on the regular, when it comes to the news. There are things I just don't need to know all the details about.

Of course, there are times that having a real depth of knowledge or awareness can be a true asset. But we don't always get to control the information coming at us, do we? Getting a handle on what kind of information you allow into your life becomes extremely important. You see, it can help you be more present.

How, you ask?

Awareness of what kind of information you're taking in is the place to start. For instance, I notice when that feeling of saturation shows up, and make some adjustments. I might limit my news consumption, but I don't limit my learning or my curiosity. I don't want to be uninformed, but I want my information intake to be fueled by the desire to learn why things might be happening, rather than just that they are happening. 

In order to be able to be present without becoming "saturated," I have a few practices that help me turn what I learn into a real asset.

FIRST: I constantly check to ensure that I'm acting & working in agreement with MY Core Values. 

You see, my Core Values are my filter. It's one I already know is helpful, and allows me to appreciate how any new information can help me grow - or not. When my experiences (or new information) falls into the "or not" category, it's much easier to relegate it to a "that's not important to me" file. I can still know what's going on without the added stress of thinking I need to make it as important in my life as it might be in, say, yours. That's cool. Your Core Values will dictate what you decide is important and will help you grow, and you'll use the information differently than me.

SECOND: I have decided to stay curious - I never reach the end of the line.

I can never know too much. Yes, there are moments I need to temporarily step away from certain topics or types of information - because we do get saturated, just like overwatering a plant - but in general, I've just decided that it's a good practice for me to saunter out to the edges, where ideas and information are always being generated, turned over, and new. That's where I've learned the most in the last few years, and I've come to really see the value there. Both in my own understanding, and in the world around me.   

THIRD: I've learned to let all the information sink down deep, like watering a nice healthy tap root on a strong, tall tree.

The deeper the root, the taller, fuller and wider the tree can grow. Sometimes that means that I won't fully understand something until years after it's taken place. Or I'll learn something today, and 50 different puzzle pieces will fall into place that have been just hanging around for the last 3 years, forming a picture that finally makes sense. I know you know what I'm talking about. There's a bit of a long game mentality required for true presence and growth, and just "allowing" information to sit with me and sink down in my soul means the soil becomes rich and able to support the growth I desire. 

Does this process sound a little scary to you? 

Trusting your own filter to know what is helpful and what isn't?

It was for me. Terrifying, actually. But I've learned the beauty of "testing my edges."  Now, I'm no longer fearful of the process. I may not yet RUN to those questionable spaces, but I no longer cower with shaking knees. I walk, carefully still, right out there, to see what I can learn. I'm gracious and generous with myself and with others in the process, knowing the results will be amazing.

This truly helps me be more present. It keeps me aware of what I'm thinking, pondering, experiencing, or buying into. So while I'm setting myself up for future growth, I'm more invested now. I'm deeper now. 

Are you ready to go deeper?

To visit your edges, and become stronger and more confident in who you are created to be? 

When you do, you'll be creating your own "tap root" to give you the stability and foundation you need to realize your potential in ways you never expected.

First, you'll need to uncover your Core Values. When you do you'll have your own filter, and you'll be surprised at what finally makes sense. You'll gain clarity and confidence to choose what you want to allow to "water your own soil" and what you don't. I've made the process easy for you, click HERE to get started. 

The presence that comes with a deeper understanding of who you are, what you've been created for, and how you can show up in service to others will change the way you see everything. It will give you the ability to truly grow deep and wide, and to flourish as only you can. 


P.S. I've got something in the works that will give you real time access to my deeper journey. As I continue to grow, testing the edges, and becoming more of an Intentional Optimist along the way. Stay tuned!


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