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#exhale #intentionaloptimism #present #stress #stressrelief Dec 06, 2022


When I'm stressed, I hold my breath.

Not on purpose, mind you... it's a subconscious response. I truly don't know it's happening until the tell tale signs show up.

  • Physically - I start seeing spots.
  • Emotionally/mentally - I can't even think through a logical process.
  • Spiritually - I shut down and forget to take in anything that will benefit my soul or spirit.

The good news is, our bodies are designed to survive. We will automatically take IN air... so one of the best ways to ensure we're getting enough oxygen is to purposefully exhale.

When I was a runner, that's what I'd focus on... it was easier to just let my body do what it does naturally than to fight with it and put it on a schedule. This principle applies to other areas in life where the rhythm of "breathing" can be interrupted. 

The best way to ensure there is room to take anything in, is to empty the space. This time of year can be so FULL. We want to be present, we want to reflect, we want to experience wonder, but where to put it? 


As you finish up the year, where do you need to exhale?  

  •  Are there goals you feel desperate to accomplish?
  • Are there "promises" you've made but feel you can't keep?
  • Are there things you're doing out of obligation that suck you dry?

 It's an intentional process. I encourage you, this week, to look for places where you're holding your breath... and just... exhale.

For a little extra help in this area, check out "Healthy Boundaries Make Happy Holidays." A webinar style mini course, that provides the simple components you need to begin building your own boundaries. Creating space. Exhale. 

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