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My theme for 2019

Jul 31, 2019

Originally posted January, 2019

As you may have guessed, intentionality is a necessity for me - especially in planning. I know that I’m likely to flit around like a happy butterfly from topic to topic if I don’t direct my focus somewhere. So for the past several years, I’ve found it helpful to pick a theme word. Something that would define my planned journey of growth, or act as a beacon, keeping me on track.  

I think “Simplify” was my word 3 years in a row.  Yes, that was when I read Marie Kondo’s “The Magical Art of Tidying Up,” and participated in yearly “decluttering challenges.” 

Last year, though, my word was “Freedom.”

Freedom from some things, and and to others: From anger, to patience and kindness. From anxiety, to trust. From expectations, to experience. Keeping that framework in mind helped me grow in so many ways last year. “Freedom” was the perfect choice.  

So what is my word for 2019?


As I stepped into this new year I decided I wanted to do so, with arms wide, hands open, steps sure and solid. To do so, I would need loads of COURAGE.  As I look ahead into 2019, I see so many changes coming down the pike. All good, but changes, nonetheless.  

  • Huge changes in my family - really exciting ones, actually.
  • Starting a website and blog - just putting myself out there… what was I thinking? 
  • Obtaining International Coaching, Speaking and Training certification.
  • Pursuing my own dream while encouraging others to pursue theirs.
  • Learning to open up and let people in - in general.

Those are just the big changes I can see… you know that whole iceberg analogy, right? You can only see the top 10%? That means, that while I know I CAN do all of this, I can't do it alone. 

Growing up in a “fishbowl” as a pastor's kid, missionary kid, and then a pastor's wife, meant I didn't always get treated with kindness and compassion. I learned, early on, to put up protective walls - as ANY sane person would do!  Then when I needed help, it was hard to let people in close enough to help me. Learning to graciously allow people to help - for a "little general" like me - has taken years. I'm strong... and stubborn... and smart… but now I’m finally mature enough to recognize that in order to have the really good things in life - relationships - I have to be courageous enough to let down my guard and let people in.  

So this year, I will walk, with COURAGE, into each and every new “thing,” arms wide open, guard down… with others. With my family and friends, and all those I’ve yet to meet. Drawing on the courage of those with whom I’m linked arm in arm, heading into the future, I’m confident this will be my best year yet.

Do you choose a theme word each year?  If so, what’s your word for 2019? If not, join me in mine - we can all be COURAGEOUS, together!

Until we meet again… blessings.


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