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Oh yes, you ARE a Leader!

#leadership Apr 29, 2023

 Oh my goodness... April has FLOWN by, and I've just been holding onto my hat! So many amazing things have happened... 

The week of 4/10-14 found me neck deep in an amazing workshop with speaking coach Heather Sager, called "Signature Talk Accelerator." Yes, that's what you think it is... I'm honing my speaking skills in order to truly grow my business. Heather was the impetus behind me starting my podcast, and I've wanted to work with her for a long time. Well, the time is now.

I'm hopeful and eager that what I'm learning about delivering my message and vision will allow me to better serve you here, whether or not you ever listen to a podcast, tune in to one of my live interviews, participate in one of my courses or workshops, or see me on a stage. Evidently, you’re a reader. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is just part of becoming an Intentional Optimist - growing one step at a time, every day.

The next week was TAXES, and I filed for the first time as 100% self employed! The resulting (albeit odd) celebration of paying taxes due, with the cash I'd appropriately set aside expressly for that purpose - still has me buzzing! (Thank you, Mike Michalowicz, Profit First!)

I tell you all that because the last two weeks have been a courageous couple of weeks! Specifically in the area of Leadership. The willingness to step into the one thing that most people say is their greatest fear (speaking ๐ŸŽค), on top of guiding my family and clients through sound financial practices while continuing to value each and help them grow... that's Courageous Leadership in action. I also took on an additional Ladies' Bible study group because several couldn't make it to our regular Wednesday night study, and worked out all these fun framework graphics you're seeing pop up in my work. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don't love to "toot my own horn,"  but sometimes the best examples are your own - the ones you live.

What are some good examples from your life?


In my last article I promised to share the three aspects of Courage that I believe we totally overlook in ourselves, and how you can apply them to change your own self-perception, right now. Well, the first is Leadership

Before you get all "thanks, Andrea, but I'm not a leader" on me, hear me out. My business is built on the premise that we are ALL leaders. 

Unconventional Leaders LEAD At EVERY level, in ANY area, using their UNIQUE gifts.

So, let's take a quick look at the three characteristics every good leader possesses - probably even YOU!

Charisma - Nope, this isn't the smarmy used car salesman kind of "charisma!" Literally it means to value others! John Maxwell says he "imagines a '10' on everyone's forehead."  I love that visual! When I do that, I expect the best of them, give them the benefit of the doubt, listen to them, see them. I demonstrate open body language, welcome them in. When others can tell you value them, they are attracted to you - that's charisma.

Servanthood - You had to know this one would show up! It's a universal leadership principle. We don't lead because we want others to follow, we lead because there is a need. We do that by putting others first, and seeking the best interest of all involved. Nope, this isn't being a martyr or doormat... it's just being willing to do what is best at any given moment. Sound like a "pie in the sky," or like you might "give away the farm" in order to lead? Take a quick walk through a google search, looking for good examples of this, who's written books on it, and you'll catch my point.

Vision - Seeing what can be, and sharing it with others is a gift. Not everyone can do it. Some people are "big picture," while others see "the trees rather than the forest." Either one is valid. Both give everyone else information - when you share. I'm one of those interesting hybrids that can see both - but here's how it works for me. I get beautiful, clear and motivating glimpses of the big picture (for myself), and then come back down and work in the trees. So I have to be purposeful about my business and how I grow. When I'm working with or for others - I can see that big picture all day long. So understanding myself and how I function gives me clarity on how I work with my clients and what I need to stay on track for my own work. 

An effective leader is willing to use each of these traits as essential puzzle pieces in whatever they do.


Is this how YOU would have defined a good leader? Each trait will offer you the ability to influence others, which, by the way, is John Maxwell's definition of leadership. 

So today, ask yourself: 

  1. Which of these - Charisma, Servanthood or Vision - do I see most evident in my life?
  2. Is there one I could focus on to increase my influence or opportunities?  

Wait, do you not see yourself as a leader?

Is this another trait you're overlooking in yourself? 

Here's what I want you to hear loud and clear:

Oh yes, you CAN lead, no matter your age or position.

Take a good look at those three characteristics and be honest. It might be time to give yourself a pat on the back!


For a quick overview of all the tenets, check out What Is Intentional Optimism?

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