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#generous #kind #patient #present #wonder Feb 06, 2023

I had a fascinating conversation last week, in which my podcast guest said "love that is patient tells you to slow down, because the only thing that matters is this moment. BE PRESENT." 

I'm not sure why I'm always knocked off my feet by wisdom statements about practicing presence, but it never fails. 

Every. Dang. Time. 

To stop and think about some of the moments I've let slide by, this week alone... ugh!

You see, just because I’m “The Intentional Optimist,” it doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. That's precisely why the Second Tenet of Intentional Optimism - and my focus in February - is just that: PRESENT.

The Tenet of Present has three facets - like a lovely jewel. 

  • Wonder - how you think & process what you encounter
  • Generous - your attitude toward what you possess
  • Kind/Open - How you treat others & yourself

So circling back to my guest's statement, "love that is patient..." is ultimately present, and seems to tap into all three of those facets. Cutting to the heart of the matter. 

Yes, it feels just a little cliche’ to talk about “love” in February, but hear me out.  Isn’t being present, like my friend said, a beautiful expression of the love you feel for yourself and others in any given moment or circumstance?

For instance - recognizing the beauty of a sunset or the person you’re sharing it with is most assuredly being present. But it is also evidence of the love that exists for that beauty and that person. 

When you are generous with your time, you tell that person you have enough love to value them as a person worthy of your time. 

When you are kind to yourself, giving your mind, body or spirit what you need in order to maintain good health and quality of life, you are expressing love for yourself.

So, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is my love patiently present?
  • If not, which facet do I need to cultivate to get there? 

If you’re new to Intentional Optimism - welcome! The Six Tenets are universal concepts - we all live some of the tenets some of the time. I’ve just pulled together the ones I see as most important, and pursue them intentionally.

This is my invitation for you to join me. Even though what we DO is likely very different, Intentional Optimism is HOW we do what we do. It’s the attitudes and mindsets we employ and embody to live out our own values, goals and dreams with excellence. In short, it’s a personal growth lifestyle.

I've created a resource called “What Is Intentional Optimism?” It's a quick guide to each of the six tenets, and how you can pursue them each day. Click the button above, and it's yours. 

You can also scroll back through the past episodes of my podcast, Intentional Optimists, Unconventional Leaders, and find dozens of solo shows in which I dive deeper into what makes up each one of the six tenets.

That guest I mentioned earlier, her episode will air toward the end of March, so make sure you subscribe, and you’ll get to hear her comment in context… it’s goooood. 

You can find more resource for how to live with Intentional Optimism, or to follow me on social media, at my Links page. Or, sign up for my weekly newsletter, Optimistic Living (below), and get weekly encouragement delivered straight to your inbox.

Until next time!

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