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The Energy of Spring!

#beauty #energetic #excitement #generator #joy Mar 11, 2023

Spring is technically 9 days away, but where I live, you can almost feel the earth vibrating with all the static energy waiting to be unleashed as my crocuses open and the daylilies sprout. 

It’s March, and this is one of the months I focus on the tenet of ENERGETIC - how perfect! 

As a reminder, there are SIX tenets of Intentional Optimism: Optimistic, Present, ENERGETIC, Courageous, Wise and Intentional. Together, they are a personal growth lifestyle I created to help ME live out my values and goals with grace and excellence. Yes, obviously I’m still working on it... 

Of all the tenets, Energetic is, by far, the most fun! It includes three sequential principles of how I approach my life and work. You might, like my husband,be wondering why “The Intentional Optimist” might need principles to help with motivation and joy. 

What, did you think I was BORN this way? HA!

My nature is to worry… to look at the “worst case scenario,” and get anxious and lost in my head, over what might happen or whether or not I’ll fit in, or what others are doing (or worse, thinking!). Yes, I’m an Enneagram 6. But - I sincerely hope I’m a 6(w7), on a healthy and stable path. That’s what this personal growth plan is for me - a way to live “with grace and excellence,” no matter my “natural” tendencies. 

Sound familiar? I think we all want to do better and be healthier. I just had to work hard enough at it that I created my own guidelines - and since they work for me, I figured I’d share. (Want an easy “cheat sheet” on the tenets? Click here: What Is Intentional Optimism?)

So, back to Energetic - just what are those three principles?  

First, is an Attitude of Industry - When I shared my original spreadsheet (yeah, that’s how this all started) with a friend, she had a visceral reaction to the word “industry.” After I talked her off the ledge, I was able to explain that this isn’t about any kind of corporate industrial complex… but about being productive in new and different ways. It encompasses Creativity in every area of life, allowing work and play to be new and different. Getting real about my finances and how I spend, invest and save money. You know, future planning. It also includes examining and understanding my skills and always working on the ones I need to serve well, and step my game up to the next level. 

Second, is Tapping Into Excitement - I often tell the story of how my mom could happily walk into a room, and it was infectious. Her joy would just bubble up, like a glass of champagne, and no one could resist getting happy with her. When I took a good look at my own “realistic” tendencies, I decided this was something I wanted to pursue on purpose. Once you learn to recognize and tap into it, you see you can actually generate joy to fuel the excitement yourself. Understand that, and you have the power to generate energy on demand. Whenever you need it. 

Third, is a Commitment to Being Life-Focused - This one comes quite naturally to me, but the events and climate of the last five years have caused me to revisit and refocus on this with intention. People are more important than ideas, or things. Period. Given the option of championing an ideology or a human, I’m picking the human every time. That means humans in all the diverse and beautiful variations in which we show up. This also means me - I am dedicated to being healthy in body, mind, soul and spirit, and that means eating well, sleeping well, and moving well. This is the tenet that highlights my love of lifting others up and promoting positive change. This is where my “Professional Encourager” title originated. 

So how about you? 

What area of your life needs a good ole boost of energy right now? Spring is the ideal time to contemplate it, examples are everywhere. 

Have you lost the creative juices that used to fuel you?

Are you tapping into the joys of your daily life and work that generate that boost for you? 

Have you let ideas or philosophies supplant fellow humans in your priorities? 

The power is (quite literally) in your hands.

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