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Sep 02, 2019

Well, HELLO!

I’m Andrea, and I welcome YOU to my blog! 

Here, I apply my own philosophy - the lens through which I view the world - to real life. I call it:

“Intentional Optimism.” 

Intentional Optimism is primarily based on Proverbs 31:10-31 - where we find a description of a fascinating, strong, competent, well-rounded and worldly wise woman, who is so confident in her place that she literally “laughs at the days to come” (v.25)

That’s what Intentional Optimism is about - the ability to laugh at the days to come. Don’t get me wrong - I’ve had plenty of hard times, and I expect a whole lot more before I leave this rock… but I also know where true strength, provision and power comes from, and it gives me confidence. Walking through hard times together, in a supportive community, gives me strength.

To be sure, optimism isn’t always our natural inclination… each day, there are moments my initial response is anything BUT optimistic.  How much more enjoyable our life is, though, when we choose to approach each day from this perspective. 

So - if you’ll allow me the privilege of being your courageous leader, I’d be thrilled for you to join me on this journey.  Nothing I write about here comes purely naturally to me, but I’ve decided this is how I want to live. This is how I want to show up - for my family, friends and clients.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll start fleshing out these principles, applying them to life as it unfolds. I’m eager to see and hear, how they apply to you, and your life. I hope you’ll engage and share your experiences and thoughts, because the more perspectives from which we view these principles, the more depth and beauty we’ll see.  

Here’s a sneak peek at what an Intentional Optimist looks like. She’s: 







Let’s laugh at the days to come - together!

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