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What brings you joy?

#beauty #blessing #energetic #joy #permission Mar 20, 2023


I recently posed a question to my community: “What Brings You Joy?”

While the responses were numerous and varied, they fell into three main categories.

First, Creativity. Things like art, goal achievement, baking, work, reading.

I like Chase Jarvis' definition of creativity - a mindset of pursuing your passion. We all have some kind of creative endeavor that gives us a boost, yes even if it's work.  You find what you love to do and figure out a way to get paid for it - boom. You're creative all day long. But who says you need to be paid?  Joy comes in all shapes and sizes. For some, it's getting lost in a good book, or starting with fresh ingredients and producing something mouthwatering. Either way, you are the one in charge, and it's about what you can figure out and achieve.  

Second, Nature. Getting out into creation, sunshine, beaches, mountains.

I live a stone's throw from the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trees in my backyard are too tall to see the mountains from my deck, but I can't drive anywhere without a gorgeous view. There's something about nature that sets my system buzzing. Whether it's my feet in the warm sand as the salty water laps my ankles or enjoying the serenade of the cicadas on a sultry evening in July, my battery is recharged in a way like nothing else. Clearly this one resonates with me. It's about seeing what is and immersing yourself in it.

Third, Relationships. This category had the most responses, and it includes those with whom we have relationships (friends, family, God) and the very nature of those relationships (laughter, connection, encouragement).

Life is energy. Energy is life. As humans, we're wired for connection.  Those connections, in turn, plug you into other sources. It's collaborative. You give, you receive. You find, you pursue.  The laughter of a child. Snuggles from a pet. The knowing glance of a lover. Little power surges, boosting your energy... improving your mood, lowering your stress, increasing your sense of wellbeing. Each of them raising your quality of life, even extending it... one second at a time. 

So - how would you answer the question - what brings you joy? Not sure?

Another way to ask it is: what energizes you?

If you're honest, I'll bet you have something something from each of these three categories, just like me. 

Joy Energizes You.

When you take a moment to recognize the things, activities, circumstances and people that bring you joy, you fuel and feed your energy reserves.

My mother used to drive by my sister’s house on her way home just to get “recharged” by her two grandbabies after a long day at work. My friend, Lee, sets aside time each day for creating in her art studio - for the exact same reason.

Sometimes the type of energy I need is calm - so I go to the beach or outside to listen to the birds. Other times I want to be revved up, so I go to conferences or read specific kinds of books. All of those things bring me joy.

Joy is subjective.

Yes, it's a feeling, but it's deeply connected to who you are at your core.

When was the last time you allowed yourself the freedom to enjoy the things that bring you joy? Did you even have an answer to the question above?  

If not, friend, you have some work to do - getting to know you.

You need (and deserve) to know what brings you joy, and give yourself permission to get it.

Hop over to My Instagram and tell me "what brings YOU joy, and what are you doing to cultivate it?"

Here's to finding your joy!


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