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Rosie The Riveter is, perhaps the most vivid picture of what women can do when we put our minds to it.  When the whole world seemed to be falling apart, women came together to do something extraordinary.  They stepped into roles they had never even been offered before, and created a whole new idea of what it could mean to be a woman in the workforce.  

This concept of being Industrious, hard-working, diligent, conscientious, persevering through new experiences and ideas… applies to us as leaders in our families and our communities.  Having an industrious bent allows us to provide for ourselves, our families and others, in ways that empower.  

What does that look like?  

As we fly ever closer to 2020, and the world is shrinking due to to our digital capabilities, it means we are creative ~ in what we produce and in ways to overcome financial and physical obstacles ~ and we accomplish that by growing our own knowledge and skills.  


I’m amazed ~ daily ~ at how many women are getting into the “digital workforce.” Gone are the days of the necessity of a brick and mortar shop to sell something you create.  If you’ve got a product to sell, you can easily set up an Etsy shop, sell on Amazon or your own website, and BOOM ~ you’re global. Whatever you might need to learn, digital self-education is available on virtually any topic. 

Think you’re not a “creative” person? 

Consider this: creating is a natural extension of growth.  When you grow, you create new ways of thinking, new ideas, new solutions. You may not be an entrepreneur, but when it comes to leading in our families and communities, everyone needs to be in creative mode.  

Here are a few questions to ask yourself   

  • What are you creating?  
  • What needs doing? 
  • Are you thinking outside the box for creative solutions to your challenges?

If you don’t have an answer to any of those questions, I challenge you to think again. This is your contribution to the world each day… so either you’re sitting in your dark house all day by yourself, or you just can’t see the ways  you create everyday.

Become financially savvy! 

Money is the “energy” behind dreams and actions. Like gasoline for a car.  It gives us the ability to provide for those for whom we are responsible, and create opportunities for others to do the same.  

I’m speaking from a place of growth here, this one is hard for me.  I grew up in a community of conflicting money beliefs: money is corrupting, yet necessary. Hard work is honorable, but doesn’t pay well. Giving and generosity are paramount to remaining humble and grounded, but if you don’t have much, you can’t give much.

Don’t get me wrong… those of us in the Western world, no matter what our financial state, are rich in comparison to most other cultures. Everything is relative.  However, our Intentional Optimist from Proverbs, Chapter 31, is certainly a woman of means.  She produces and sells products. She purchases and sells real estate. With her profits, she buys a field and turns it into a vineyard, providing food and work for others. These are examples of things we can do.  No matter your level of income, you need to be a savvy, good steward of what you’ve been given. Sometimes that means stepping out with a new idea, and generating income in a way you wouldn’t have expected.  

If this is new to you, it’s time to learn some basic financial principles. Figure out how you can use your finances to provide for your needs, then the needs of others.  

Grow your skills!  

Maybe you’re not producing or creating because you think you don’t know how ~ or where ~ to start.  Confidence comes from getting the knowledge, information and skills to DO the thing you want to do.  

Nearly two years ago, I decided I wanted to help other women. How? I wasn’t sure. In the past, I’d toyed with more traditional ways like selling cosmetics and skincare, and even becoming an Interior Designer. Nothing quite fit. Then I realized I was helping people on a daily basis, by listening, answering and teaching ~ that’s when it clicked. 

I didn’t, however, have all the skills I needed to jump right in to a coaching, teaching and speaking business. I went out and found the education and certification I needed.  Training, by itself, isn't enough. I coach, lead a guided mastermind group, and teach Sunday School each week. All these activities develop my skill set. Every week. 

I still take classes, read books, and listen to podcasts. I’m always working on my knowledge base.  

Are you working to develop your skill set?  At work, at home, in the community? 

If not, where do you most need to grow?  Figure out what you need to learn, and take some action.

Sometimes “being productive” can feel overwhelming, but we’re in this together, ladies! 

Head over to my Facebook Page and tell us how and what you are doing to develop your own “Industry”… or better yet, join our Intentional Optimist Facebook Group, and join a community of women where we celebrate the wonder of our beauty and diversity through helping, teaching and mentoring other women. Every other Sunday, we allow women who have businesses to share their information so that the entire community can support them.

Are you on the verge of something new or big, and need some help getting there? As a coach, I provide the structure and accountability you need to focus on what’s important and get to that next level. Let’s chat about how I can serve you, as we head into the next, exciting decade.  

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There are events in life that define our journey. Once they happen, we begin describing everything else as “before X” or “after X”. For me,it was the day my mother died. Suddenly, I became aware of my own limited timeline. The drive to find my voice, purpose and place became urgent. I dove in, head first, and discovered the desire to help myself fueled a greater desire - to help others. Soon, I stopped defining myself in terms  of roles (wife, mother, manager),  but in terms of qualities: curious, determined, happy, adventurous. I've come to understand, that the qualities that make us who we are, are what we must celebrate. We each have a special purpose, unique perspective, and unlimited potential. Better yet, we can both discover and develop them.   

I do this through speaking, training, coaching and writing -  with a focus on helping women grow into the leaders they truly are. Intentional Optimism is my philosophy of life, and includes these five pillars:

          Optimistic - Hopeful, Positive Proactive

          Present - Seeking Wonder, Generous, Kind

          Courageous – Leading Others, Adventurous, Resilient

          Energetic - Industrious, Excitement, Life-focused

          Wise - In Respect, Words and having Understanding

          Intentional - Purposeful, Planning, Growth Mindset

I'm building a global community of women helping women. A place where we foster leadership from every stage or position in life. A place where we celebrate wonder; move forward with hope and openness; share wisdom and encouragement; offer each other a helping hand; ask freely, and share lavishly; and celebrate our differences as avenues of growth and expansion.

Let’s  change our understanding of what it means to work, provide for our families, have financial stability, and be a leader in the community. Life is an adventure - let's live it to the fullest!  

It’s time to laugh at the days to come! - Prov. 31:25

Won’t you join me on the journey?